Agnieszka Niedwiedz interview – By Paul Jacob

Paul asked Agnieszka Niedwiedz some questions about her background, nickname and much more!

Hi Agnieszka, thank you for taking some time out to answer some questions for us. We really appreciate it!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to get into professional mixed martial arts?

I started judo when I was 7 years old but when I was 17 I was little fed up with that and took a break from sport. After a few months my brother took me to a BJJ class. After just 3-4 BJJ classes I got a fight offer as a late replacement. I started my MMA career accepting that fight even without any MMA training.

Your fight nickname is “Kuma” what is the origin of that?

Kuma in Japanese means bear and that is the same meaning as my last name in Polish. When I was younger my friend from Judo gave me that nickname.

Have you always been competitive and at what age did you know you wanted to be a fighter?

I liked competition since I was a kid and as a Judoka I had a tournament almost every week so I got used to the rivalry. I think that I knew that is what I want to do back then.

Dominick Cruz said ring rust is just weakness. Do you agree with him or are you worried that your time away from the cage will make you rusty?

I do not fully agree with him. I also think ring rust is kind of a weakness, but in my case that long break makes me much stronger. Both physically and mentally. I feel massive hunger for a fight and I know that it is good for me.

You’ve been away from the cage for some time, what aspect of your fighting skills have you most improved upon during your time away?

I worked on everything. I changed gym and I am now training in Grappling Krakow. We were working on every aspect of my game and also on making my best weapons even better.

Before your time away, you were scheduled to face off against Pannie Kianzad. Luckily your rib injury revealed your pregnancy, so the fight didn’t materialise. Pannie is obviously fighting at Bantamweight for Invicta, whilst you have moved down to Flyweight. Do you feel like there is unfinished business with her and would you like to fight her in the future?

I am in a new weight class right now so she would have to move down. If she did I’ll be glad to fight her. She took what was mine and I want to be beat her to prove that I was always the real Cage Warriors champion.

At Invicta 18 you are fighting Claudia Rey, how do you see the fight going?

I will knock her out in the first round.

Both you and your opponent are undefeated; do you feel under more pressure to keep that record?

Judo taught me how to lose and I know that I will lose one day in MMA as well. So, I do not feel any pressure about a perfect record.

Before you were scheduled to fight Claudia, you had a bit of disagreement with Christine Stanley and said that you didn’t know who she was. As she is a potential opponent in the Flyweight division, do you come up with specific game plans for your opponents or do you just focus on your own abilities?

I still have no idea who she is. I am not picking opponents. To be honest after beating Claudia I want to fight for a title or fight someone that will bring me closer to a title fight.

Can you tell us what goes through your mind in the last few minutes before you fight?

I am trying not to think too much. I know that I worked hard during my preparation camp and I know how well prepared I am. If I am thinking about anything it is only about winning. Most of the time I am trying to remain focused on my job and do not think about the rest.

What is your diet and nutrition regime like on the lead up to a fight and outside of competition does it change?

My diet changed a lot after my pregnancy. I am working with Zieba Clinic and they are taking care of it. By keeping to their plan and advice I do feel much better, so I decided to move down to flyweight thanks to that.

As a parent myself, I know martial arts training and parenting can be difficult to fit in to the day. How do you manage to balance the life of a mother and that of a pro MMA fighter?

I do not see any difficulties with that. I am trying to keep those two things in seperate worlds. I am loving mother back at home so I have an opportunity to find release during hard training.


What is the best moment of your career? It was in my hometown Katowice during MMA Attack 3 gala. Huge show!
How will you celebrate if you win? Junk food and hard liquor.
And finally, do you FeelTheTip? Of course I do!


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