BBC Coverage: Match of the Day vs NFL

Ever since the start of last season I have been glued to the highlights coverage of NFL and their This Week show with Mark Chapman (Chappers) at the helm. Now previously I wasn’t a big NFL fan but the last few years I have got into it and especially watching the Redzone on a Sunday.  For me, the chemistry between the pundits Jason Bell and Osi Umenyiora is undeniably brilliant. Not only do they make the analysis of the games fun to watch, but they really liven up the show with their character and personality.

This is a BIG THING missing from Match of the Day, it has got to the point where I can’t even watch the analysis, the pundits are so dry and boring and make the most obvious interpretations of the game. Perhaps with the only exception of Gary Neville, no one is pushing the boundaries in terms of doing leading post match reviews. Danny Murphy, Alan Shearer, Jermaine Jenas are all dry – lacking any personality and wit, it just makes the show seem longer and as mentioned, it would be OK if they provided some decent insight into the match but it is always focused on one player, such as Aguero had a good game look at the goals he scored which you have ALREADY SEEN in the highlights,. Gary Lineker as a presenter isn’t too bad, and if anything works the best with the drab sidekicks he is given. As for Sky Sports, don’t get me started on “literally gave the ball to him on a plate” Redknapp, no he didn’t stop using literally incorrectly! Or BT Sport, Owen Hargreaves and Michael f’in Owen. It’s about time we got some characters into football punditry and analysis!

Anyway, without this turning into a rant, I just want to give credit to the NFL team at the BBC and the Match of the Day producers please take note, you have probably 100 times the audience of the NFL show but you could learn a thing or two from the entertainment and analysis provided. Otherwise it will continue to keep going stale.

Let us know what you feel and if you agree in the comments.

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