Ben Forsyth MMA – Interview

We asked Light Heavyweight Ben Forsyth some questions ahead of his 2 upcoming fights, at Shinobi MMA July 30th & his BAMMA debut on September 30th!

Hi Ben, thanks for answering some questions for FeelTheTip. Our last interview with you was one of our most popular, mainly due to your (how can I put this) interesting answers…will we have better luck this time?

I don’t believe in luck…I’ll do my best

A month away from your Shinobi MMA fight on July 30th, how is your preparation going?

I’m doing a serious amount of push ups for this one. Some days even 3 sets of 10. That’s how bad I want this win. I’ve cut my hair too, to make me look more like Conor McGregor. How can I lose?

Most people work ‘normal’ 9-5 jobs, doing pretty much the same things daily. Give us a typical day for you in fight camp.

I also work a 9-5 as well as training full time. It’s sometimes tough to balance but I just get on with it. Might be controversial but I think fighters that quit their jobs to show dedication to their training are actually just showing immaturity and a lack of responsibility. There are enough hours in a day to do it all if you have the right mindset. My day to day is work 9-5 with training at lunch and in the evening. One session a day on weekends and if at any point I don’t feel like going, I won’t. I’ve learned the difference between laziness and fatigue and know when I’m in a state of either.

You had your BAMMA fight confirmed before the Shinobi bout. Do you see this as a risk?

Maybe, but I get itchy feet when I have nothing lined up. I always have to be moving forward. I’m a shark, sharks don’t look back, because they don’t have they can’t.

And how did BAMMA take the news?

They have no say in the matter. I’m still within the terms of my contract with them and I’ll still be there in the 3 Arena in Dublin on September 10th with a smile on my face and a bulge in my shorts. My cup, that is.

BAMMA 26 is taking place in your hometown of Dublin. How excited are you to fight in front of your own people?

I can’t wait. It’s going to be the best night of my life so far I reckon. Thrilled to be a part of it and can’t wait to rub it in to all the people that bullied me in school. Fuck them.

Do you think it could hinder you in anyway? Do you feel under more pressure to perform?

It will only raise my level. Pressure can hold you down but it can also lift you up.

You are training at SBG in Ireland, which is obviously famous for producing Conor McGregor under the tutelage of John Kavanagh. Could you give us a glimpse into what the atmosphere is like there and what it’s like to train there?

It’s indescribable. I can’t do it justice. Think of the most motivated people you know all in one room. Then pump them all with morphine so they’re super happy and let them choke each other. It’s a sanctuary.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Be yourself, and if people don’t like it, fuck’em.

There are thousands of Mixed Martial Artists around the world all with aspirations to be the very best in the world. What will make you different and be the 1% to go to the very top?

It will be all those little 1 percents that I collect every day. When you missed a set, I didnt. When you didn’t do your last sprint, I did. When you settled for bottom, I did not. These all add up and when my opportunity comes and I’m facing these ‘top level’ guys, they better hope they have all their 1 percents in check. I’m in this for the p4p title and I’m not stopping until I get it.

If MMA was outlawed and you had to pursue another career, what would it be and why?

100% stripping. Have you seen Magic Mike? Tell me you wouldn’t want to be able to move like that! Don’t know how much money I’d make but I’d give it the old college try.

What are your favourite things to do outside of MMA?

Eat and sleep. That’s the most honest answer I can give you.

Which fight in 2016 (other than your own!) are you most excited for?

Has to be McGregor Diaz. It’ll be a completely different fight. I’ve been around Conor since the last fight and he is a different different animal. Diaz is also very very good so it’ll be a good one to watch and learn from.

What famous person that you don’t like would you want to be put in a cage with?

Ooh you’re really pulling out the stops with these questions. The kid from karate kid who won that fight with an illegal kick. Can’t get away with that shit Daniel San!

What famous person would you not want to be in a bar fight with?

None, I love a good bar fight. Have to get my kicks somewhere outside of the cage.

Who is your biggest hero outside of the cage and why?

Me..when I’m not in the cage. Why? Why not?

When you win the UFC LHW Title, who will be the 3 people you thank when being interviewed by Joe Rogan?

John, my mum, and whatever girl I’m trying to get with that night..or my girlfriend if she’s there.

Where do you see yourself by the end of 2016?

The big show for sure. UFC or Bellator. It’s all happening fast so don’t blink.

Thanks alot Ben.


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