Ben Jones – Boxer – Interview

Hi Ben, thanks for answering some questions for

For those that are unfamiliar with you, could you tell us a little about your background and how you got into Boxing?

At the age of 8 I visited the Crawley Amateur Boxing Club. I was a hyperactive 8 year old who went to burn off energy.

Was there a defining moment growing up when you knew you were going to be a professional Boxer?

As soon as I walked in the door as an 8 year old,  from the first moment I stepped in the ring I wanted and believed I could be a World Champion.

You defend your WBO Intercontinental belt for the third time on 29nd October almost 1 year on from winning it. Has life changed much for you since holding an International belt?

I have upped my game even further and looked at other ways to progress my boxing. With the Intercontinental belt in hand I have my sights fixed on fighting for a World Title

What is a typical day in camp leading up to a fight like? 

Run or Gym session early morning, relax in the afternoon, fitting in time for appearances or helping out others (Such as Sussex MS Centre). Training again later in the day and sometimes making it a double session with a run.

Very few of us will ever experience the feeling of waiting backstage to get into a ring and fight another man. Could you describe the feeling?

You will always find yourself a little anxious but then you remind yourself you have done all the hard work and now you have to put it all together to get the result you want.

There are some huge fights coming up in the next few months, which are you most excited for?


British and World Boxing is really thriving at the moment, if you could play matchmaker & put ANY fight on what would it be?

GGG Vs Canelo…it has to be done!

What fights are you looking for now you are ranked #4 with the WBO? Is there anyone in particular you are looking to get in the ring with?

If I was to choose I would love a rematch with Lee Selby to get revenge over the previous bout but honestly I want to challenge anyone with a World Title.

If boxing was outlawed and you had to find a ‘normal job’, what would you do and why?

With a plumbing and heating business already I would see myself firmly somewhere in the building trade.

If you could have any celebrity corner you who would you choose & why?

Sugar Ray Leonard!! My inspiration.

What famous person that you don’t like would you like to have in the ring with you and why?!

Wouldn’t want someone I didn’t like…need to have a positive mental vibe in the corner.

What has been the strangest moment in your career so far?

Barcelona! Having comfortably won the fight the judges all supported their fellow countryman. My opponent had already exited the ring and even apologised to me during which time ALL of the Spanish crowd were continuously booing the decision. (Ben lost the fight by Unanimous Decision despite clearly winning the fight)

What is one thing that if you told people they would be surprised they didn’t know about you?

To relax I like to try my hand at painting (artwork not decorating).

Where do you see yourself in 12 months time?

Fighting for a World Title.

Thanks Ben, all the best!

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Ben Jones – Boxer – Interview

Ben Jones – Boxer – Interview

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