David Round MMA – Q&A

Q&A with David ‘1 more’ Round.

We spoke to David Round ahead of the headline fight this Saturday at Budo Fighting Championship, with the Welsh BUDO Welterweight title up for grabs.

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For those unfamiliar with you, could you tell us a little about growing up & how you got into Pro MMA?

I grew up in little town of Milford Haven playing rugby for all of my life. I got into fighting because it’s fucking cool…nah I got into it because I love the sport and I love fighting.

You headline this Saturday’s card in Swansea, David. How have your nerves been leading up to it, do you relish being the main event of the evening?

I have nerves about a week out from the fight – but they are more excitement and adrenaline. Yes I relish being the main event, the past few years I have fought mostly in the main or co-main event and when you are Mr Saturday Night then the only place to be is main event.

You are a veteran of the sport with well over 30 professional MMA fights. What are the best & worst things about being a pro Mixed Martial Artist?

The best things about being a pro is something that unless you make that walk out, with your music on, the crowd cheering and get your hand raised at the end you can’t explain. The worst thing is not eating McDonald’s and I fucking like McDonald’s and Twinkies. Onemore loves Twinkies.

You have a great KO % (14/15 wins by KO/TKO). How do you see the fight going this Saturday?

Yes my KO to win ratio is 93% and this Saturday I can see it going up to 94%.

Is fighting in one of the bigger MMA organisations still something you are striving for? If so how do you think you can make them take note of you?

Yes everyone wants to make it to the big American shows but I’m still being called by the biggest European show – Superior Challenge MMA – to fight. UK shows want me and when I fight on a show then that night it becomes the big show.

What did you make of the whole CM Punk fiasco?

The CM Punk fiasco basically shows that it’s not what you can do or how you fight. That has taken a lot of my respect away for that show.

What upcoming fights are you most excited for?

I’m looking forward to fighting on Superior Challenge in Sweden again, I loved that show but Saturday night is going to be the most exciting fight of my career with a huge crowd coming to see me.

If you could play Matchmaker and put ONE fight together for a mega-event, who would you put together and why?!

Matchmaker for a night I would make the match the UK needs –  Me vs Alex Reid.

If you could have any famous person in your corner on Saturday who would it be & why?!

If I could pick a famous person to be in my corner it would be Johnny Cash and I would walk out to him playing God’s gunna cut you down.

What are your favourite things to do outside of MMA?

Favourite things to do outside the cage are usually inside a pub.

Who is your biggest hero outside the cage?

My biggest hero outside the cage is my father.

And finally (and most importantly) do you FeelTheTip?!!

I squeeze the tip!

Thanks David and all the best for Saturday.

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