Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor – Prediction Competition

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor – Prediction Competition

With the biggest fight in history just weeks away, we are running another prediction competition with a £10 Amazon voucher & £10 charity donation for the winner. Free to enter, just simply predict the winner & method of victory by tweeting or commenting on our Instagram/Facebook post!

Mayweather vs McGregor

NameMayweather or McGregor?Method of victory?
Charlie FosseyMcGregor KO
Harry SmithMayweatherPoints
Tezza41Mayweather KO
Paul JacobMayweatherPoints
Derek BorinoMayweatherKO
Steve HarperMayweatherKO
Robert HarrisDrawDraw
Aaron AbbeyDrawDraw
Antonio LopesMayweatherKO
Matt MoonMcGregorKO
Ben ForsythMcGregorKO
Ben DavisMayweatherKO
Jordan BaldryMcGregorPoints
Ewen MacintoshMayweatherKO
Anton PearsonMayweatherKO
Ashley CaswellMayweatherKO
Craig WhiteMayweatherKO
Richard WilliamsMayweatherKO
Jen JacobMayweatherKO
Cristiana StancuDraw!Draw!
Steve SherwoodMayweatherKO
Zach GiddensMayweatherDecision
MMA is LifeMayweatherDecision
Luke TattoedMayweatherKO
Rob RaymondMayweatherKO
Dan BlombergMcGregorKO
Chiran PatelMayweather Points
David McGloanMayweatherKO
Scott SturgeonMcGregorKO
Sam BoMcGregorKO
Bacon vs CheeseMcGregorKO
Nick MedarisMcGregor KO
Josh FitterMayweatherPoints
Exposed BoxingMayweatherKO
Grew SteveMayweatherKO
Patrick DunlopMayweatherKO
Matt OswinMayweatherPoints
Benji WarrilowMayweatherKO
John HarrisonMayweatherKO
James McCarthyMcGregorKO
Joe AtkinMayweatherKO
Brian McIverMayweatherKO
Eddie CorbettMayweatherKO
Stathi StephanouMayweatherKO
AFC ConnorMcGregorKO
ORLA EgoMcGregorKO
Keren GodfreyMcGregorKO
Dembele EditionMayweatherKO
Peter CloseMayweatherKO
Philip WrightDraw!Draw!
Joshua AustinMcGregorKO
Patrick ChatmanMcGregorKO
Gabe PadillaMcGregorKO
Sean JacksonMayweatherKO
Brickhead MMAMcGregorKO
Simon PembrokeMcGregorKO
Harsh SharmaMcGregorKO
W RuskMayweatherKO
Bill NobleMayweatherKO
Justin StampsMayweatherKO
James St PatrickMcGregorKO
Sam SalehMcGregorKO
Mac OibicinMcGregorKO
Mister JacobMayweatherPoints
Juan RamirezMcGregorKO
Arif LukakuMcGregorKO
Mick FisherMayweatherPoints
Sean BlackMcGregorKO
Vamos RamosMayweatherKO
Josh WarrenMcGregorKO
Shawn O'NeilMcGregorKO
Tegan MainkaMayweatherPoints
Dakota HirstMayweatherPoints
Nick CarrollMayweatherPoints
Rory FitzgeraldMayweatherKO
ChaibolsonMayweatherFart KO (?)
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