Geoff Dixon Boxer – Interview

Geoff Dixon is a 19 year old Light Heavyweight boxer. He is currently 1-0 after winning his pro debut at York Hall last month. He fights in his 2nd pro bout on Saturday 4th June.

Hi Geoff, thanks for answering some questions for us today.

Could you tell us about your background/upbringing and how you got into Boxing?

I was born in Gloucester when we were visiting family there. The day after we went straight home to Windsor & that’s where I grew up and still live till to this day. I come from a hard working family where nothing’s for free and nothing gets handed to you. My father and mother never let us go without but at the same time we were brought up right – with manners, morals and respect – something a lot of kids don’t have these days. I was brought up with the words ‘no one will ever give you anything, if you want something you have to go out there and earn it if you really want it’ and those words have stuck with me to this very day.

Was there a defining moment growing up when you knew you were going to be a professional Boxer?

Yeah it was around the age of 14. At that age I only had around 8 fights and I was sparring with men aged 21/22 and some times older. They were heavier than me and the skill and speed I had was already too much for them. It was from that point on I knew I was gonna be something special.

Who were the Boxers you looked up to growing up? Is there a particular fight that stands out for you?

I’ve always looked up to Sugar Ray Leonard my whole life, he’s always been my idol along with Prince Naseem Hamed.  Another big one for me is people like Tyson Fury. And that particular fight answer is well I haven’t boxed for the world title yet but when I do that will be the only one what stands out for me.

Most 19 year olds are either at university or working a more traditional job. Are you spending your time just Boxing or are you working a ‘normal’ job too?

Well at the age of 12 (at the end of primary school) when my boxing was starting to take off I had to make a decision go to secondary school or make boxing my life and that’s the decision I made. By making that decision it’s put me in this position I’m in now – fulfilling my child hood dream and being paid to do what I love. I used to do a bit of roofing work in the amateurs for spare money but now if a little job comes in I’ll get one of my old work mates to do it for me, so it’s just solely boxing for me.

Very few of us will ever experience the feeling of waiting backstage to get into a ring and fight another man. How does it feel waiting backstage before walking out?

It’s a funny feeling to explain but it isn’t just a one night feeling. For the past 6 weeks you have been preparing and training for this man in front of you but you need to turn that fear in to confidence in the best way possible. I’ll be sat in the dressing room before a fight and I’ll be scared to death, literally cannot talk to anyone my stomach won’t stop shaking but at the same time I’m not scared I’m supremely confident. I’m not scared of losing, getting knocked out, getting hurt or any of those. It’s just human nature to have nerves before but when I’m on stage & my music comes on they call my name that’s when I feel untouchable and that no one can beat me. It’s an amazing experience and the best rush no money can buy or drug can give.

What exactly is running through your mind at that point?

At that point I’m thinking “look at what you’ve been through, look how hard you’ve trained and pushed your self for this one moment and he wants to take it from you! Are you going to let him? No way! I’m the man in the best no one else can contest let’s have it!”

You’re just starting out in your pro career and made your debut at the legendary York Hall. How did it feel to get your first win? And in such an iconic venue?

I’ve wanted to fight in York hall my whole life, to do that was a tick off my bucket list and life time achievements. The feeling of getting my arms raised and winning in front of my fans was an amazing memory and will last forever.

Who are some of the best Boxers you have trained & sparred with?

Some of the best are James DeGale – IBF Super Middleweight world champion & Olympic gold medalist. Chris Eubank Jr – the current British champion and when I was a kid I sparred former heavyweight champion Tim Witherspoon.

What is the best advice you have received?

It’d be the advice I’ve received my whole life – nothing’s ever given so go out there and get what you want.

What advice would you give to a kid looking to get into boxing?

Think about it, you can’t play boxing and if you believe you’re great don’t let anyone tell you any different because there’s always some one wanting you to fail.

There are thousands of Boxers around the world all with aspirations to be the very best in the world. What will make you different and be the 1% to go to the very top?

I believe I can be the 1% because I am one of the very best there’s no others like me. No one in any ring will hit as hard as life has hit me outside of it in life. I’m the best and cream will always rise to the top.

What are your favourite things to do outside of boxing?

Seeing my girlfriend and taking her out as much as possible to restaurants cinema etc just to get away from the stress of boxing. I love football – playing it, watching it and truth be told I’m a major party boy so in my time off I like to let loose.

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


At just 19 you have the world at your feet. Where will you be in 5 years time?

I’d like to think in 5 years time realistically I’ll be European champion, married to my beautiful girlfriend and planning to start a family together.


Quick fire questions:

Favourite boxer of all time? Sugar Ray Leonard

Your biggest hero? My girlfriend. Without her this all wouldn’t be possible

Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev?  Andre Ward – very skilful

Mayweather vs McGregor? Mayweather. It’s just a money fight, that’s why they’re both interested. Mayweather will embarrass him which is a shame because I’m a big McGregor fan

One food you couldn’t live without? Burgers they’re my everything lol

And finally, do you FeelTheTip?! Haha yes I feel the tip one hundred percent top class in what they do thanks guys


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