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We asked the undefeated (4-0) Mixed Martial Artist Jack Shore some questions ahead of his Cage Warriors 83 bout against the tough Konmon Deh on May 6th.

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for FeelTheTip Jack.


Not long now until your big Cage Warriors fight on May 6th. How has the preparation been going?

Preparation has been spot on. My last fight was in March so I’ve pretty much had two camps back to back which has benefited my cardio and skill set. I’ve been grafting 3 times a day 6 days a week with all my coaches, I’m looking forward to performing!


Most of us only see the fruits of your labour on fight night. Give us a breakdown of what your day looks like leading up to a fight. 

So, on an average day I wake up early to do my morning workout which is usually a run or cardio, followed by a mid day boxing or strength and conditioning session, followed by the set class at Tillery Combat in the night which can be anything from shark tanking, to BJJ or wrestling.


Deh is your toughest opponent to date; he has experience & comes into the fight on a 6 fight win streak all in the last year. What are his main strengths & weaknesses?

Konmon is no doubt my toughest test to date. He’s a tough, durable fighter with lots of experience who’s prepared to take the fight anywhere. Me and my team are aware of how tough of a test he is, but we feel with the correct game plan it’s a fight I can win comfortably.


Unbeaten records in MMA are few & far between but you are yet to taste defeat as an amateur or Pro. Not only that but you have a 100% stoppage rate. Are you looking for the stoppage on May 6th, & if so how do you see it coming?

I always like to try and get the stoppage when I fight. This is an entertainment business and the people who watch pay to see exciting fights and finishes, hence why I always like to finish. But, When I fight it’s not something I chase, I fight each fight to win, whether that takes 3 minutes or 3 rounds. But if the finish presents itself I’l no doubt look to take it.


Few, if any, people reading this will ever experience the feeling of waiting backstage and walking to a cage to fight another man. Give us an insight into your mindset & feelings when backstage & walking out.

I’m not one to suffer with nerves or anxiousness before the fight, anyone who’s seen me fight day will tell you how calm I am. To be honest I just like to enjoy the process. I’ve been around this sport for years. Even before I fought myself, I would always be in the changing room when my dad or older team mates fought, so it’s something I’m very familiar with. The walkout itself is a crazy experience, I always take a big crowd where ever I fight, so there’s always an intense atmosphere to thrive off.


Weight cutting is starting to come under more scrutiny nowadays, what are your thoughts on fighters cutting a lot of weight? How much weight do you have to cut & how do you find the process?

I think weight cutting is one of those things that no matter what procedures are put in place, some will always find a way to try and cut that extra bit . I think personally there’s no need for big weight cuts. I don’t find the process too bad. Between Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA weight cutting is always something I’ve been used to! I always make sure my diet is on point so that I don’t have to cut massive amounts of weight the day before weigh ins, and when I do have to cut I have a set routine I use to make the weight comfortably!


What is the best and worst thing about fight camp? Is there a particular food you miss!?

The best thing for me apart from the actual fight itself is seeing yourself progress throughout the weeks in terms of fitness and skill levels. The worst part as most will probably agree is not being able to eat all the foods you want. I definitely miss the pizza I can’t lie!


MMA is growing in popularity but still isn’t on the same level as Boxing in the UK. What fighters did you look up to growing up? Was there a fight that you saw growing up that sticks out in your mind?

There’s a lot of fighters I’ve always enjoyed watching. GSP and Frankie Edgar are two I’ve always enjoyed just because they are both so technically good in every area. I’ve also always loved watching the Diaz brothers fight and their kill or be killed attitude. As far as favourite fights go I’d say BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz and Sanchez vs Melendez – I think everyone loves that fight!


At only 21, who & what do you attribute to your successful career to date?

I attribute all of my success to my head coach/dad Richard Shore and everyone at Tillery combat MMA who have pushed me from the minute I got involved in this sport. As well as that I’ve always been a hard worker, I was never the most physically gifted pupil but I always put the hours in and worked hard, and that has definitely paid off.


If you could have any celebrity corner you who would you choose & why?

Peter Griffin.


What famous person that you don’t like would you like to give a 5 round beating to?

 John Cena.


 What has been the strangest moment in your career so far?

Although it’s strange in a good way, I’d say cornering Jack Marshman twice at UFC events. Being able to witness the process of something you strive for and have watched for years is a crazy experience.


If you could play Matchmaker and put ONE fight together for a huge event, what fight would you put together?

 Prime Anderson Silva vs Prime GSP.


What are your favourite things to do outside of MMA?

Eat pizza, go out with my mates……and eat more pizza.


What is one thing that if you told people they would be surprised they didn’t know about you?

Most people don’t know but I’m not just a pretty face/good fighter I’ve actually got a degree in psychology and criminology!


Where do you see yourself in 12 months time?

Providing all goes to plan, on the verge of a UFC contact!


And finally, do you FeelTheTip?!

What you’ve seen so far is the tip of the iceberg, so you tell me..

Thanks Jack & all the best on May 6th!

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