John Devall MMA – Interview

We asked John Devall some questions ahead of his upcoming Dynasty Combat Sports Flyweight Title Shot against Kevin Gray.

Just a few days away from your title shot John, how has preparation gone for this fight?

Preparation for this fight is completely on point, my best weight cut to date, stronger, faster, and wiser, ready to bring this strap home!

What is a typical day like for you in camp?

I wake, eat breakfast, run 4-6miles, Muay Thai class at Eastons, lunch, class at Muscle Pharm, relax, classes at Eastons(Bjj or Muay Thai), dinner, walk or a run.

You’ve been training with some of the world’s best in MMA leading up to this fight including TJ Dillashaw & Drew Dober. Could you tell us how it has been training with these guys?

Training with the best is awesome. My first day back to sparring I did 3rds with TJ in the cage, ended up with 2 black eyes & a broken nose after my 3rds, but he gave me solid advice to better myself. That’s truly the best thing about being a part of Elevation is that we are endlessly trading to make each other better daily.

You fight Kevin Gray for the belt this Saturday. What do you see as his biggest strengths & weaknesses?

His biggest strength is that he has great wrestling and doesn’t quit. I’m planning to thwart his wrestling, out strike him looking for a knockout or catch him along with a submission.

What were the reasons behind moving from KOTC to Dynasty Combat?

We had differences of opinion on my the way my career would go and I made the best move for myself. I’m a pirate and I’m after all the gold I may!

You said recently that you want to be fighting in the UFC in the near future. How do you plan on convincing them to sign you?

My main plan is to win fights against the best 125lb fighters and just climb the ranks.

Your KOTC jrFlyweight World Title victory was followed by a TKO defeat in January 2016. What went wrong in your opinion in the Mendell fight? And how do you plan to not let it happen this time round?

I was rocked badly 40 secs into the first round and kept banging it out till I was TKOd late in the fourth. Being aggressive, being first over, counter striking. I’ve worked very hard on my Wrestling/Muay Thai and joined both Elevation Fight Team & Eastons Training Center to be challenged daily.

Even at the higher levels of the Sport money is not usually the reason why fighters get into it. Are you working a job outside of MMA or funding yourself just through sponsors/pay-outs?

Sponsors and pay outs

Very few of us will ever experience the feeling of waiting backstage to get into a cage and fight another man. How does it feel waiting backstage before walking out? And what exactly is going through your mind?

Just keep playing over scenarios of myself winning, I do my best to stay calm, cool, and collected, focused only on victory.

What is the best advice you have received?

Tj Dillashaw told me to be aggressive and I’ll win, so that’s my game plan, non stop barrage.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

Badass Ugly Motherfucker.

If MMA was outlawed and you had to pursue another career, what would it be and why?

Full coaching and teaching martial arts.

Which fight in 2016 (other than your own!) are you most excited for?

Tj’s next fight, dude better be ready!

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?


What famous person that you don’t like would you want to be put in a cage with?

The Count.

And finally, do you still FeelTheTip?!

Fuck yes I do!


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