Mark Jones MMA – Interview

We asked UK Light Heavyweight Mark Jones (7-7-0) some questions about his background, life outside MMA & more.

Hi Mark, thanks for answering some questions for us today!

For those that aren’t familiar with you Mark, tell us a little about yourself and how you got into MMA.

I’m Mark Jones, 26 and I love MMA. I was always small growing up so fighting was kinda a everyday thing.


Who did you look up to in the fighting world that made you want to become a fighter?

People like Rich Franklin and the Gracies played a big part in me wanting to become a fighter.


What do you do outside of MMA? How do you juggle your life outside & inside MMA?

I’m a proud father to two fantastic kids Isabel (6) and Henry (11 weeks), they take up most of my time and training each day trying to better myself.


You are currently 7-7 in your MMA career. Were you expecting such a hard start to your career & what needs to change for you to consistently win?

I’m currently 7-7-0 and yes in this game there are no easy fights. I’ve fought some of the best, including a couple of guys that now fight in the UFC. I need to work on cardio and be more unpredictable.


You last fought in October 2015, can you tell us why you haven’t been more active?

I fought last in Portugal in October 2015 and would like to thank and @ for their kind words of encouragement. I had a shoulder injury but I’m all good now.


Who do you look up to currently in MMA? Are there any fighters you aspire to & if so why?

Yeah of course I like he’s doing so much for UK MMA right now and he will soon be a contender.


Fighters often act confident & put on a brave face in the build up to fights. Few people will ever experience what you will, so when it comes to fight night and you are waiting to walk out, what is going through your mind?

Nothing goes through my mind for me it’s simple you are going to get hit, try not to lol.


Have you got your next fight lined up? How do you see 2016 going for you?

I’m waiting to see what happens there are talks about a return in June just waiting for a few things to line up.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

5 year time, hopefully signed to a decent promotion.

Quick fire questions:

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier? Jones

Rousey vs Tate? Tate

Best moment in your career? Being blessed to still be able to do what I love

Strangest moment? Watching my son being born and cutting the umbilical cord.

Sporting hero? Michael Bisping

And finally, do you FeelTheTip? Haha not sure what to say


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