Profit – Overall


Our overall betting record (Using £5 and £10 stakes):

Staked: £9,170

Return: £10,148.89

Profit: £978.89

ROI: 10.67%


Using £50 and £100 stakes:

Staked: £91,700

Return: £101,488.90

Profit: £9,788.90

ROI: 10.67%


To view the complete betting record – FeelTheTip Full betting record


The amount staked is (somewhat) irrelevant, the ROI % is what matters. Do not be fooled by people that say they “made £100,000 in a year”, as that figure is not very impressive if they have staked £99,000 to make it. The amount shown here and on the Monthly Profit pages are used for the purpose of clarity and to put it into £ currency. One can times the amount staked/returned it by 10 or 100 to make it seem more impressive but I do not wish to seem deceptive.


This is shown above. Saying “£9,788 made since we began” can be deceptive. The important stat is the Return On Investment %.


Return on investment explained


If you are looking for a big one off accumulator, then my picks aren’t for you. You will very rarely see me tip anything more than a single. We all have a mate (probably called Dave) that won ‘£800 last weekend’, but what he forgets to mention is that he has lost £50 on his last 20 bets. Similarly to other ‘tipsters’ online, they will shout from the rooftops about their 1 huge acca win, but keep very quiet about the losses.


Think twice before blindly putting your hard earned money on a pick from a tipster. This applies to myself as well, if you have any doubts look at the month by month breakdown of tips and profit/loss. If the returns aren’t big enough for you or you simply don’t fancy them that’s fine. Just don’t be fooled by the big promises made by others as their luck will run out just as fast as your bank account. Never bet more than you can afford to lose and remember to always gamble responsibly.