Playing against previous clubs

I posted a short piece about the return of King James to the Cavaliers yesterday and I think he got a good reception. It’s great to see as he was vilified after initially leaving for Miami. He went back and won them the Championship they had so desired.

Also, it got me to thinking again on personal and emotional responses and how that can swing meetings in the punter’s favour over models. I think the Leicester game showed this a few weeks ago, but as bad as the Cavs have been playing and still picked up another loss, they kept pace with the Lakers for much of the match and played an OK game.

It also got me thinking to Football again and how it seems very rare that football fans remember the good a player has done for the team. Think Sterling at Liverpool (who went on to become a better player under Pep and win the league). Also, whenever Fabregas goes back to Arsenal he is booed everytime he touches the ball. This is despite him moving to boyhood team Barcelona, trying to get a move back to Arsenal, only to be told they didn’t want him. He then moves to Chelsea and is rewarded with a title for his sins. What he has done to draw the level of vitriol he gets is beyond me!

So fair play for the Cavs fans for giving Lebron the love he deserved, but ultimately it did still give him the impetus to go on and put up some big numbers! Are we really surprised though?!

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