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We asked undefeated Mixed Martial Artist Richard Williams some questions ahead of his Cage Warriors 83 bout on May 6th.

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for FeelTheTip!

For those that aren’t familiar with you Richard, can you tell us a little about your upbringing & how you got into MMA?

I got in to doing BJJ after a friend asked me to go with him for support to a BJJ class because he wanted to get in to doing MMA. Not knowing what BJJ was, I agreed to go and after one session I was hooked and couldn’t believe I didn’t know about this sport. My friend lasted 2 weeks before realising it wasn’t for him. As for getting in to MMA, after training BJJ for 15 months my coach Kev Cox asked me whether I would be interested in competing in the grapple and strike league with the hope of fighting for an amateur Welsh title. I did and won the final in 30 seconds – since then, I haven’t looked back.

You have a big fight on May 6th on Cage Warriors 83, how has the camp been going so far?

Cliche as it sounds, this is by far the best camp to date. My coaches Kev, Fordy, Rob and Dummer have made sure I’m able to finish the fight wherever it goes.

We usually only see the hard work pay off on fight night, so give us an insight into a typical day for you leading up to the fight?

After I finish work I go straight to the gym every night . Most days I train twice a day – I’m lucky I live a stone’s throw away from the gym, so I don’t have to travel.

You face Joe ‘The SBG Hunter’ McColgan on May 6th who comes into the fight on a loss, whilst you come in after an impressive KO. What are Joe’s main strengths & weaknesses and how do you see the fight going?

Credit to Joe, he fought a lad who had 19 pro fights on his 3rd pro fight and lost on a decision. As for Joe’s strengths, he likes to press forward, closing his opponent down, throwing shots to the body.  After watching all of his fights, I’m confident I can finish the fight in the first round.

MMA is definitely a growing sport in the UK and is now being shown on BT Sport. Do you work a ‘normal’ job outside of MMA?

Yes I work full time as a Carpenter. As hard as it sounds, training 6 days a week with a full time job isn’t all that bad when you’re doing something you love to do. Plus at Nails fight centre they have a policy of no scum bags.  So there is no one at the gym I don’t want to see and there is always a positive attitude there.

Few, if any, people reading this will ever experience the feeling of waiting backstage and walking to a cage to fight another man. Give us an insight into your mindset & feelings when backstage & walking out.

Unlike most fighters I don’t sit there in silence listening to music on my headphones. I’m lucky that my coaches set a good atmosphere until it’s almost time to get down to business. The walk to the cage is probably the worst part of fighting. Once you’re inside the cage, everything just comes natural with what we have been doing in training.

Weight cutting is starting to come under more scrutiny nowadays, what are your thoughts on fighters cutting a lot of weight? How much weight do you have to cut & how do you find the process?

I would like fighters to have to weigh in on fight day, like we did when we fought amateur. As for how much water I cut, it is usually 7 kg.

What is the best and worst thing about fight camp? Is there a particular food you miss!?

Best thing is all the coaches attention is on making you better in what you need for your next fight. Worst is being at parties dieting and not being able to drink.  Or a close second is when our boxing coach (David ‘The Fuhrer’ Ford) makes all the fighters run the “Windies” once a week. This consists of a constant incline run that you have to complete under the 30 minute mark. If not, he makes you run home. That why we call him the “Fuhrer”. I definitely miss Krispy Kreme doughnuts…

MMA is growing in popularity but still isn’t on the same level as Boxing in the UK. What fighters did you look up to growing up? Was there a fight that you saw growing up that sticks out in your mind?

I got big in to MMA, when Strikeforce was about.  My favourite fight from that time has got to be Paul Daley vs Nick Diaz . Shame they can’t do that fight again.

If you could have any celebrity corner you who would you choose & why?

Micky Flanagan be good to have backstage, cracking gags before its time to switch on.

What famous person that you don’t like would you like to give a 5 round beating to?

Any one of them nuggets on the reality shows my girlfriend watches, mad to think some people find that stuff entertaining.

What has been the strangest moment in your career so far?

Having my teammate Struan Croxson knock on my door at 10 pm at night to weigh himself as he didn’t own a scale and was fighting the next day on Cage Warriors.  To this day, I don’t think he owns a scale.

If you could play Matchmaker and put ONE fight together for a mega-event, what fight would you put together?

Richard ‘Frango’ Williams vs Chris Fishgold for the Cage Warriors belt.

What are your favourite things to do outside of MMA?

Hard to do your favourite things when you’re constantly competing. So to make up for that, I like to go on holidays for a week with my girlfriend after most of my fights. 

What is one thing that if you told people they would be surprised they didn’t know about you?

When not in fight camp, my perfect Sunday is to chill out with a brew, a few doughnuts and a good documentary.

Where do you see yourself in 12 months time?

Hopefully getting closer to fighting for the cage warrior’s world title.

And finally, do you FeelTheTip?!

Only after a few beers!!!

Thanks Richard and best of luck on Fight Night!


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