The BBC, Lazy journalism and their reporting on the fight game…

It has come to our attention over the last few weeks of reporting on the big fights that the BBC Sport website appears to be giving more precedence of reporting news on MMA and Boxing. Which should be great, as the profile of these sports is sometimes not given as much airtime as, dare we say it, much less popular sports on these shores, such as Gymnastics, Climbing anyone?! However, they have now started opinion pieces that can only be described as completely poor journalism and one has to question the motives of the BBC doing so. Let’s take for example the article that was posted after the Khabib – McGregor spectacular win at UFC 229. Yes, we all know the controversy around what happened after the fight, did they need to keep repeating it rather than give credit to Khabib for a fantastic performance which now puts him amongst the worlds elite. IT seems they did, read for yourself here The problem is not necessarily in the writing which I could dissect because it simply shows a lack of   understanding of MMA, but look at the simply clickbait headline “How does UFC move on from ugly scenes in Las Vegas?” Funnily enough they will move on with more events one of which will be called UFC 230, because, you know, the other one was called UFC 229 and all that. The UFC thrives on this negative press and will go forward with the “controversy” of this fight as it always has done, it is a global machine. Then we had this utter nonsense from “pundit” Steve Bunce, saying that after a victory, yes a win, over a decent opponent Steve Bunce said Amir Khan , a welterweight inactive for the better part of 2 years, should retire at the age of 31. I mean they aren’t commenting on people like Kevin Johnson(a heavyweight, yes heavyweight, who just lost to Dubois for his 3rd on the bounce, at the ripe old age of 39) to retire but they are with Amir. The headline “Amir Khan can’t go on” despite the moth watering prospect of a domestic bout with Kell Brook or a Pacquiao fight around the corner. So it appears the BBC reporters want fighters to call it a day when it suits them getting headlines and making news worthy of clickbait. Please go back to responsible, decent journalism on the fight game or leave it to those who know what they are talking about.


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