The Media Pressure on England

The Media Pressure on England – by Aoibheann Traynor

This weeks international games saw Wayne Rooney over take Bobby Charlton to become Englands all time leading goal scorer, scoring a penalty against Switzerland.

An incredible achievement for the 29-year-old, however the player seems to be getting more abuse about it than applauds. Many fans believing he isn’t as good as Charlton and shouldn’t have the record.

At the end of the day, Rooney has scored these goals, it was him who put them in the net, whether you believe or not, he is a great striker, he has scored fifty goals at international level.

It’s probably true that the player isn’t as good as fans favourite Charlton but he deserves the record.

The statistics speak for themselves and when one of the worlds best players Lionel Messi claims ‘there is no one like him [Rooney]’, then he must be good.

There is something about English fans and media, they put this level of pressure on players that is incredible. Every World Cup or European Championship since I can remember, the English media said they’d win it and every time, the players let it get to them.

Then there’s always a player to blame, David Beckham, David Seaman, Rob Green etc.. all who undoubtedly made stupid mistakes, I’m sure something they would take back in a heart beat if they could.

It’s good to have high expectations but in order to beat the top teams like Germany and Argentina, a bit of faith in the team and a little less added pressure would go a long way.





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