The new era of the UFC – By @KristaNicoleV

The new era of the UFC – By Krista Vidito


Since its inception, the UFC has been an organization for fans. In its early beginnings they matched two opponents from different martial arts backgrounds against one another so we could see who the greatest truly was.

Since then, the sport has evolved to what we see today as MMA. Today, the UFC has many champions amongst many divisions, allowing men and women alike the chance to prove that they are the greatest. With, what I believe to be the perfecting of the sport as a whole, the UFC is now the organization to watch the best of the best go head to head to achieve this greatness. Because of this, our tiny sport has become mainstream. It has created a new landscape, and with that, new platforms have opened up. It is now a sport that has mainstream coverage and new mainstream fans. This is all great for the UFC but how has all of this new found mainstream attention influenced our sport?

Yes, the UFC listens to the fans. They promote the fact that they give the fans what they want to see. As a past, present and future UFC fan, I want to see a fighter come in, fight the toughest in their divisions, obtain and defend their belt. I want to see a fighter prove without a doubt in the cage that they are the greatest.

Recently, we have witnessed a change. We are seeing mainstream popularity for fighters. The fans continue to demand to see the stars of the UFC headlining main events. The problem with that is this. Who are the current stars of the UFC? Alongside champions like Jon Bones Jones and Robbie Lawler, we are seeing more and more stars like Paige VanZant and Sage Northcutt. They have even signed a former WWE super star, CM Punk, with a MMA fight record of 0-0, simply based on the fact that he is a star. Conor McGregor has, by far, received the most recognition of all of these new “promoted talents”.

We have now entered an era where your looks and your level of trash talk are almost as important as proving yourself in the cage. Stars in the UFC will continue to come and go, this will never change. But with all this new found attention let’s not lose sight of what made it so great to begin with.





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