#UFC194 Aldo vs McGregor Betting pick

FeelTheTip #UFC 194 Aldo vs McGregor

So the 12th December is finally here, a date every UFC fan has had in their head for months. All the talking is done, no more press conferences, interviews or speculation. The next time Aldo and McGregor go head to head will be in the Octagon.


I should preface this pick by admitting that I really hope Aldo comes out victorious tonight. What he has done in this sport is unbelievable, and the abuse and lack of respect shown to him from McGregor has only made me want him to win even more. What better way to end his career than to be victorious against the biggest and best shit-talker of all time.

I think McGregor’s unfaltering confidence, self belief & fight IQ will be the biggest factors tonight. He is huge for 145lbs, has a reach advantage and phenomenal power. He says it’ll be over in 4 minutes and I doubt it will be that quick, but I do think he will be victorious. I bet against McGregor at UFC 189 and was proved wrong as he KO’d Mendes in the second round. I really do hope to be proved wrong but I just can’t see it…




The Pick – Mcgregor to win – 10/9

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