#UFC202 – Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor – Betting Preview

#UFC202 – Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor – Betting Preview

So here we are, just days away from the biggest fight of the year. It’s a fight McGregor has been obsessed with ever since he tapped out to a Nate Diaz rear naked choke back in March. Everything is how McGregor wanted it – the Featherweight Champ fights the #4 Lightweight at Welterweight, sounds so wrong but feels so right!

Odds – To win – McGregor – 5/6.    Diaz 17/14.


Diaz McGregor 1

If for some reason you missed their first fight, either watch it below or let me summarise it for you briefly. McGregor went out in the 1st Round like a man possessed, lighting Diaz up from all angles. He was clearly expecting to take Diaz out early, but as he and his big brother Nick have proved so many times, the Diaz brothers have incredible chins. Glory World Champ & Diaz training partner Joe Schilling recently said on a podcast that he has never been able to rock or floor either brother, yet another testament to their durability.  By the end of the 1st Round Conor looked confident but visibly tired. Most featherweights would’ve crumbled with the clean, crisp shots that McGregor was landing, but this was a legitimate Welterweight across the cage.


Round 2 began & McGregor continued to come forward with pressure, even attempting but not landing a wheel kick. For minute 1 McGregor continued to land shots, but a minute later Diaz landed a couple of stiff jabs and there was a clear shift in the fight. Diaz put his hands out as to say “what now?”. He had eaten some huge shots and was still standing right across from him trading. The Irishman was clearly gassing too – his usual springy and agile footwork were nowhere to be seen. He was hurt, tired and knew that Diaz was only going to come on stronger. The jabs continued to land for Diaz, McGregor responded with good shots but it was clear Diaz could smell blood. Then, with 2:23 on the clock, the gamechanger. Diaz landed a beautiful 1-2 and it rocked McGregor badly. We all know what happened from that point on.

The Pick for Saturday

Nate Diaz came into the first fight on short notice,  without a full training camp and ate everything Conor threw at him for 7 minutes. I think he is simply too big and powerful for McGregor at 170lbs. McGregor will no doubt change up the gameplan for this one, but Nate has great boxing so will land at some point. I think we will see McGregor get rocked badly again.

As Joe Rogan said, Nate Diaz is the logical choice for this fight. He has beaten him before and this time goes in with a full camp, confidence that he can take the shots and a far superior ground game. He is still the underdog at 17/14 so that’s where my money will be.

Just don’t be surprised again motherfuckers…


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